Juko Vähätiitto

Business Intelligence Manager
I believe companies should be doing significant things, solving the great challenges of our time. I also believe that to do that, our leaders need to be doing informed decisions. Nowadays we have an abundance of data but analyzed readily available and relevant information is still often in short supply. That is my role and my mission. By providing easy to use analysis, I will help you identify and solve your most important problems. I will also make you and your organization more capable of solving those problems in the future. I will continue to provide value on topics such as: - What is happening now? What can we know about the future? Based on these, what will be needed in the future? - What are our roles and goals? Are these the best possible, for us, right now? - What are our options for achieving our goal? What are the related benefits, downsides, opportunities, and risks? - Is there something blocking us from achieving our goals? What is the root cause? - What data is needed to solve these problems? Do we have it? How can we get it? How it should be presented? - Is this analysis needed once or repeatedly? What is a good architecture for fulfilling the future information needs?