Pörssisähkö prices will always be based on the market price hour by hour.

Pörssisähkö reacts more quickly to changing market prices than traditional electricity agreements. Every hour is priced separately in the power exchange. This way you can benefit from the market price fluctuation.

Benefit cheap hours

Pörssisähkö is the right choice for you if you can use electricity more in the low cost hours and are prepared to monitor the market prices. You will benefit the most from a Pörssisähkö agreement when the exchange prices are at lowest.

Monitor Pörssisähkö energy prices


Pörssisähkö facts

Agreement is valid until further notice.

Electricity is produced with both renewable and nonrenewable energy sources, f.ex. nuclear energy.

Your energy consumption must be less than 100 000 kWh / year.

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