The price trend for district heating in Tampere is moderate

The price of district heating is determined locally because the fuels used as heat sources differ significantly by region. The energy transition that started in Tampere in 2010 is already visible in the price of district heating. Since we are not dependent on expensive fossil fuels or the electricity market, the price of district heating has remained stable in Tampere for a long time.

In practice, this means that the development of district heating prices in Tampere has been moderate. The average annual price increase has been only about one percent for the last ten years. Measured in real terms, the price of district heating has actually decreased. Based on energy industry statistics, the price of district heating in Tampere is below the average price in Finland and among the cheapest in the large cities.

How is the price of district heating determined?

Connection costs

You only pay to get connected to district heating once and the price consists of a connection fee and an installation fee.

The connection fee is based on the property’s contracted water flow, which is defined in the property’s HVAC plans. The installation fee, on the other hand, depends on the length of the district heating piping that needs to be built from the boundary of the plot to the metering centre. The connection fee also includes pipe construction and metering costs, including labour costs.

You will always get an accurate offer from Tampereen Energia in advance. The subscription fee is exempt from VAT.

The power fee – the basic fee for district heating

The district heating power fee is a fixed amount that is billed every month.

The power fee is based on the property’s power needs and is reviewed annually. It ensures a trouble-free heat supply, and includes, among other things, 24/7 monitoring and a breakdown service.

The energy fee

The district heating energy fee is based on how much energy is used (€/MWh).

The energy fee covers the fixed costs related to the production of district heat, such as fuels and distribution. The energy fee varies seasonally. For example, in summer it is cheaper to produce thermal energy than in winter.

How much does district heating in Tampere cost right now?

The price of district heating is not the same for everyone because each customer’s needs vary, for example, with the size of building, and this can have a significant effect on the price. In addition, the price varies from month to month because less heat is needed in the summer and it is more affordable to produce it.

  • The average price of district heating in Tampere is around €90/MWh (VAT 24%).
  • In a typical terraced house in Tampere (10-20 apartments), the price of district heating per month is on average €117/apartment.
  • In a typical apartment building in Tampere (20-40 apartments), the monthly price of district heating is €77/apartment in summer.
  • In a single-family house, the price of district heating per month is approximately €202 on average.

You can find more detailed price information in the price list!