With the Sähkis service you can follow your electricity, district heating, cooling and gas consumption with ease. For district heating, you will also find weather-normalized consumption as well as your invoices.

The portal will bring useful features to estate managers, with an easy way to view all the managed properties and estates and their energy information. You can also view details on possible service disruptions via the portal.

With the Sähkis service you can take care things when it suits you

Flexible energy consumption monitoring

Sähkis lets you follow your energy consumption from the annual level down to the hourly level. You can see the impact of the savings you make in almost in real time.

Information about contracts and invoices

It gives you a handy way to see your electricity transmission contract and invoices.

Information about power outages

It gives you information about power cuts and possible maintenance outages.

Available when you need

Sähkis self-service is available around the clock!

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